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and denies Brodies Boys a third Cup trophy


Friday night saw the Final of the William hill Elias Cup, a local Derby between Holyhead Town and Valley, played at the Oval home of Holyhead Hotspurs. This was Town’s third of four finals, and they had yet to concede a goal. neither had they conceded a goal in the Title showdown which was a final in itself
So with two cups already in the Trophy cabinet the betting money was on the Town .But Valley, had Knocked them out of the Dargie in the semi- final 3 v 2, and had scored three against them in both league matches , so manager Marc Wilson and his men took to the field quietly confident of upsetting g the odds.
Anyone expecting a classic, or quality football were disappointed, the hard field making for an irregular bounce of the ball and strong cross wind making it difficult for both sides.

Despite the conditions the two teams were giving it their best shot but the early sparring did not produce much in the way of chances and generally the defences were well in control. That all changed on the half-hour mark with Valley pressing the ball found its way to Mike Williams – a regular scorer against Holyhead, just inside the box and he struck it home. This brought the Harbour men to life and whether by choice or the opposition, Valley were on the defensive until the break h/t 0 v 1

The second period began as the first ended with Town going all out for the equalizer but the Valley defence were giving little away and Ashley Hughes proving to be outstanding in the heart of the defence. They were helped on two occasions with the woodwork coming to their aid. Valley were not getting forward as much as they would have liked but went close when manager Marc Wilson let fly only for his `shot’ to turn out to be an excellent ` pass’ but Williams fired inches over the bar.
With Valley thinking they had done enough and their rearguard action had won the day they were stunned when, with some eight minutes remaining t Kurt Harris had other ideas and struck the equalizer So to extra-time but the two teams seemed to cancel each other out. The start of the second period looked to have been made `easier ‘for Valley when Match official, Stephen Jones [Bethesda] had to show a second yellow to Fleming and Town were down to ten men. It was a battle all the way but still they were deadlocked on 1 v 1 and penalties were required.

Up stepped Mike Williams who has scored three penalties against Holyhead this eason. .......No goal [0 v 0]
Step forward Rickie Lavelle ...........GOAL [0 v 1]
Up stepped Jerome sILLENCE............ No goal [0 v 1]
Step forward, Manager, Craig Brodie who gives keeper no chance-BUT rebounds off the woodwork..No goal [0 v 1l
Up stepped retiring Manager, Marc Wilson with a chance
to end
on a note of glo........................GOAL [1 v 1]
Step forward Holyhead..................No goal [1 v 1]
Up stepped Justin Williams............GOAL [2 v 1]
Step forward Holyhead .................No goal [2 v 1]
Up stepped Paul Williams with a chance to win it
GOAL [3 v 1]
There is no need for Holyhead to take their fifth

Valley are Victorious, Brodies Boys are beaten the Elias cup is Valley, s

After the Game Valley manager Marc Wilson who is retiring thanked Holyhead for a competitive game and thought they missed inspirational Captain Tom Roberts. He was full of praise for his team’s performance
and thanked everyone connected with CD VALLEY F.C. for their help and support over the years.

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